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Reflecting on Thomas Jefferson at his memorial in Washington DC.

I was a history teacher for 40 years. I created for my students as many fun, enjoyable and engaging experiences as I could imagine. For me the curriculum was never as important as finding the stories, anecdotes and unusual pieces of information that would entertain the young people who passed through my classroom. More than anything, I wanted to keep it interesting and relevant. Yes, it was important to know that George Washington was our first President, but, to me, it was more compelling to know that Washington was terrorized by the idea that he would be buried alive. He was afraid that his family and doctors would think him dead, have a funeral for him, and that he would wake up in his coffin underground. The very idea that this could possibly happen tormented him. Thus, in his will, he placed a provision stating that he was not to be buried for at least 4-5 days after he was pronounced dead. This story makes Washington more of a real person and less a cardboard cutout squeezed between the pages of a history book. All the stories I ever told and all the wild and surprising facts I shared with students are now looking for a new audience.

I hope you will support my efforts to develop and maintain as a place anyone can come for some fun, and an entertaining read. Let’s get started. I have many tales to tell.

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