About Me


The most important student I ever had.

Sitting in my U.S. History class in 1964, I watched Mr. Harris open the file drawer next to his desk and take out a folder and lay it before him. I knew this signal very well. What was coming was a story to both illustrate and illuminate an event, idea or personality from our textbook. He left facts, dates and curriculum behind, and ventured forth into the world of imagination and creativity. He was composing an interlude that would grab our attention and engage us in ways we could never anticipate. He made me fall in love with history, and due to his encouragement and example I decided to become a history teacher. I have been forever grateful to him. The lesson he taught me was deceptively simple: keep it interesting. Like him, I collected entertaining stories to tell in my own classroom. Presently, as I look across my office, I see the result of my efforts: a four-drawer filing cabinet full of tales, surprising facts, and unusual anecdotes and materials that never appeared in any of the textbooks I ever used. What to do with a career’s worth of entertaining information? This is why “historyspaces.com” was started. It will allow me to share with you many of these fascinating, startling and delicious morsels of historical information. I have fun telling stories. I hope you will enjoy having me tell them to you.